Fashion Course 1 (we-R-fashion) is creating a new fashion collection for an existing brand or for your own brief.

• From the ideas / inspirations, participants need to create a new fashion collection, which ensures creativity, and ready for production and commercialization.
• If you select an APPAREL / SPORTS collection it must include the following products:
Ø3 x set bottom and top. Each set has a minimum of 2 different color ways.
Ø1 x footwear design sync with apparel.
Ø1 x accessory (bag/backpack/belt…) sync with apparel.
Please include at least 2 to 3 eco fabrics, for example, recycled polyester or cotton, bamboo or other low impact natural fibers.  

Participants will have up to 60 days (~8 weeks) to complete the course once you have joined / registered and started phase 1.

This is a 5 Phase Course, and we suggest a Course Timeline Plan which will help participants complete the course within the 60-day  timeline.

Each phase will have a countdown timer that requires students to complete and upload assignments on time.

Participants must complete the task of each phase before moving on to the next phase. 

Check the course description and course information of our new course on OUR COURSES page.


Email for more detail information.

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