Shoemakers Academy Books - Vietnamese translated version

Shoe Material Design Guide and How Shoes are Made are the must-have guides if you are starting a shoe business or a footwear designer. They include in-depth reviews of materials available in modern shoemaking, technical details, and real-life examples of common shoes and their specified materials. Cross-section diagrams clearly show how to use materials inside 30 different shoe types, including Nike and Vans. Therefore, learn from a professional how to complete the detailed material specifications for your footwear brand.

These books are written by author Wade Motawi, a 25-year expert in the shoe industry and published by Shoemakers Academy. The books are available in different language versions worldwide.

PATF has collaborated with Shoemakers Academy and Associate Professor Bui Van Huan of HUST to translate the book into Vietnamese. PATF currently holds the Vietnamese version copyright of the book.


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