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Welcome to an Overview of PATF Footwear Course 2
Read on to learn more about the Course , and its content, after which please Register and Join the Course.
Footwear Course 2 ( Derivatives ) is about creating a Derivative of an Existing Style.

  • Once you have registered and joined PATF you can find all the Information and Formats you need to complete the course successfully in the Course Support Information Folders on the PATF Website.
  • Footwear Derivatives are created by changing some parts of an existing design. Changing features such : materials, colors, textures, details, accessories, technologies, and bottom/soles units
  • You must select 1 Design from category A and 1 Design from Category B to create 2 Derivative Designs
  • Categories A+B can be found in Course Support Folder 1, Course Guidelines and Management
  • You must change or add to your 2 selected designs , using  different, materials, accessories, details, technologies, bottom units.
  • You must use Environment friendly or recyclable material in 1 of your designs whilst keeping the same upper patterns of the Designs you selected.
  • Participants just Design , Development and Commercializes their Designs ready for production.
  • Participants must download , complete their Course Technical Formats and Storyboards as instructed and upload them back to their PHASE Participant Assessments Folder at the end of every Phase (Using English when possible ).
  •  You will find blank and detailed examples of all Course Technical Formats in the Course Information Folders 1. Course Formats

Important information
You will have 60 days to complete the Course once you have Joined / Registered and Started Phase 1.
We would like you to target 27 days to complete the Course. You will find the Course Timelines and suggested Course Plan in Course Support Folder F1
Once you have started a PHASE you must complete that Phase before moving to the Next Phase.
You must start at PHASE 1 and continue 2,3,4,5 . Please keep numerical order.

Each Phase has key objective which must be complete

  • Phase 1
    Research for Materials (One design must have Environment friendly material / recyclable )
    Design you own External Component) Show the Making Process , Construction, Accessories , Components,
    (New Ideas/Sketch of >technologies > components >new bottom units >logos >detail,(Put text detail on the Sketches) Pop-up Example 6
  • Phase 2
    Select 2 Designs (one design must use Environmental ECO materials and have a new designed external Component). Update all Formats and Storyboards . There should be a storyboard for each style. Storyboard Pop-up example 7
  • Phase 3
    Develop your 2 selected Designs using 2/3 Graphics. Visualizes / Create the remodeled designs using new materials , components , prints. treatments . Update all Formats and Storyboards. There should be a storyboard for each style.
  • Phase 4
     Create the technical / process support information , add detailed information about the process and how you developed your designs. Update all Formats and Storyboards. There should be a storyboard for each style.
  • Phase 5
    Finalize your Final Storyboard , Create your Presentation and Personal Video
Course available for 60 days
Course details
Duration 60 Days to complete Course
Lectures 13
Level Intermediate


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Monday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
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Friday 9:30 am - 5.00 pm
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