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This is an On-Line Footwear Design Course.
Where you must create 2 Designs . 1 from a Designated Design Brief and 1 from your own Design Brief.

You must follow Course Guidelines , Timelines, Formats and Upload your work on time.
This information is in the 4 Online Course Management Support and Information Folders ( on the Website ).
This Course has 5 Phases : ( Phase requirements are outlined below)

Phase 1) Read and follow Course Management / Guidelines  , Read  the Designs Brief and Create a Design Brief of your  own , Start your Research , Create Ideas / Sketches , Download your Course Formats .
Phase 2) Design Selection , Format Preparation and Update Story Board.
Phase 3) Refining and start detailing  selected Designs , Create 2-3D images  , Update all Formats and Story board
Phase 4) Technical Updating , Finalize Formats , Confirm making process , create your technical Handover Package , Update the Story board
Phase 5) Finalize Portfolio and add video.

The Course  has 4 Online Course Management Support and Information Folders ( are on the Website )

The  4 Online Course Management Support and Information Folders are
1) Course Management and Guidelines  (Course Timelines , Upload Requirements)
2) Course Formats   (Technical Sheets , Design Formats)
3) Technical / Design Support Information ( 11 Files with Product Creation Process . Design , Trends and Technical Information)
4) Vender/Supplier Information. (Material / Accessories and Process Information supplied a growing vender /supplier base)

Sponsors / Employers will have access to all Phase Folder Content. Folder Content cannot be Deleted.
The Website provides detailed written and video support by Phase. Helping Participants  navigate the Website and find / use the Course Support Material.  Once your first free Portfolio has been published you can subscribe and continue using your PATF Work Container. Participating in PATF new courses or uploading your own individual work ,  if it follows PATF upload Guidelines .

PATF cannot  publish Portfolios unless they follow PATF course guidelines and provide the required data / information on the correct formats.

The First Course is Free, so Join PATF ,  Learn more and Start Creating your own Personal Product Creation Portfolio / Work Container BE SEEN , BE KNOWN .

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